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    Exclamation Move DB to new host

    I am using MYSQL as Website DB.I want to change my hosting company therefore I need to move my files and DB. My problem is that the DB size is about 800 MB. I don't know how to Move DB to new host?
    Should I first move DB to my Computer and then upload to new host. Is there any fast and secure method for this purpose.

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    Old Server
    1. Backup your DB (mysqldump)
    2. compress it (zip/tar)
    3. move it to any downloadable folder of your website, maybe within the public_html
    New Server
    4. login to your new server
    5. on the shell type "lwp-download -a"
    6. It will download from your old server to your new server. saves you time and hassle and bandwidth.

    Hope that helps!

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    Good Morning,

    With either account do you have SSH access, or to you purely have access via ftp/cp/etc. The best way to transfer your database really depends on that.

    If you already have the new account and have SSH access on both accounts:

    1) Old Host
    i) mysqldump -uUSERNAME -p DBNAME > DBNAME
    ii) gzip -9 DBNAME (Optional)
    iii) Ftp to your new host and upload the compressed(or uncompressed file)
    2) New Host
    i) gzip -d DBNAME.gz (If you chose to compress it)
    ii) mysql -uUSERNAME -p DBNAME < DBNAME

    If you do not have SSH(Shell) access, then your best options are either to request your hosting provider render assistance, or investigate if they provide access to a web-based tool such as phpMyAdmin which will allow you to you do a mysqldump and download the resulting file.

    - Rory

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    If MySQL version is the same on both machines, than you can simply move your database files completely (/var/db/db_name).

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    thanks for your replies

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    I would advise that you ask your new host. It is likely you are moving from cpanel to cpanel, or plesk to plesk... and your new host most likely has automatic tools to move. 800Mb is not so big for a server to server transfer, if he is willing to get your account he will surely do it for you.

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    The best way would be to create a backup of your mysql database via your old host and it should be located in your /home/user directory if it's a cpanel server for the full backup. Then move the backup into public_html folder and set it to correct permission and just send the info/url to your new host so they get download it directly to their server and restore you from there

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    DB size is about 800 MB
    in to shared server ??

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