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    Exclamation P4 2.8;1G Ram; 2x80GB only 60/mo

    I got the following server need to tranfer:
    Processor 2.8Ghz Pentium 4
    Hard disk(s) 2x80GB

    For more details just following this URL:

    the server which i offer is the windows one (it cost 90 if you buy from
    i was paid 1 year(still got 9 months left) but now i don't need that server 'coz i've just got a new server so i offer u 600 to take over my server.

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    HI ,

    I saw it said 'unlimited bandswith' so how much do you think i can transfer monthly ?? have they got a fast netwrok (if you can upload a test file please !) ?? and just one more question is the server with 10mb/s port or 100mb/s ??

    Thanks ,
    Navid N

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    it's 100mb/s port and infact i don't know how much bandwidth you can use( just read on their site that you can use as much as u can) but my old site used to reach 4k GB xfer and it still running good
    And here's the test file:

    P/S: And they got CP too so it's easy to use(create; managed hosting acc ...)

    Thanks for your interested,

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