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    What do you want from an online storage company?


    Internet54 will be breaking out in the online storage department. We are wondering what our potential clients are wanting for their storage/backup needs.

    We understand that the avg cost is $.50/gb.
    What are you wanting to pay?

    What about security?

    Please let us know exactly what your looking for so we can build our storage plans around your needs.

    David Guerra
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    A No-work-on-the-client-side backup that is encrypted during transfer and restores uid/gid.
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    rsync transfers, encrypted tunnels to your server, absolute privacy and security on your servers - no-one can have any view of anyone else's data. At all. Ever. Not even your own staff.

    A very easy setup on the client. A very easy means of including/excluding files to backup. A very easy means of restoring all or some of the stored data.

    Must be better than bqbackup or gnax, so good luck with that!
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