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    Video Hosting

    I operate a music website that features video interviews with artists. Currently I have all the videos uploaded to YouTube and embed them in my site. I am no longer a fan of this option because 1) I would prefer to not have the youtube logo on my videos 2) My visitors tend to you use youtube's "share" feature rather than send additional traffic to my site.

    I estimate that I currently do about 30gb of video transfer per month, but I expect that amount to triple within the next year. I don't think that the total amount of bandwidth is necessarily an issue for a vps/budget dedicated, but i think system resources would be an issue. Suppose I am on a VPS that offers 256mb guarenteed ram - if I have 10 people trying to stream a 20mb flv file at one time wouldn't that be too much strain on the server?

    I have looked at streamload/mediamax and they offer 100gb transfer for $30? This seems like it could be decent service under the "pay for what you get" theory. Has anybody had any experience with these guys?


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    VPS is not the best thing for video streaming, cause you need a huge RAM amount. I would reccomend to go with a dedicated server.

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    I'm sure there will be some hosting companies here at WHT that will be willing to make a custom solution for ya so just try the Host Quote option then do some research and look for reviews on the hosts that give you reasonable offers using the Search Function. Any VPS with decent amount of ram should do, of course we're not talking about 128,256mb ram here as that would be limiting yourself too much unless it's upgradable.

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    If you convert your videos over to WMA this will automatically give you streaming abilities with almost any host without overloading servers.

    I can expand on this if you're interested.

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    dinnerbucket, I think it'd be better for you to use a dedicated server with a huge RAM for your audio and video files otherwise your site will have downtime because of the overloading of the server you are on.

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