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    cPanel vs H-Sphere

    I'd pretty much decided that I should use CPanel for reselling, until I came across H-Sphere... now I'm not so sure.

    Besides the obvious additions of billing and ticket support written right into the H-Sphere CP; it doesn't appear to update as constantly as cPanel does, and I like that. I read here that there have been many problems after cPanel updates and they seem to happen way too often.

    I also like the fact that H-Sphere will run on FreeBSD, or windows if I later decide to resell windows too. Further, it appears to me that H-Sphere is written more by a company team, whereas Nic is one person who wrote cPanel. Nothing really wrong with that, and the only disadvantage to that I can see is that we know that's not Nic's main job since he works for Burst, so he may not spend as much time on it as psoft would spend on H-Sphere. Then again, he may spend more time, who knows.

    cPanel demos are a problem, up and down; and H-Sphere's demo isn't perfect either. The main things I wanted to check out on H-Sphere were 1) webmail - to see how their email blocker worked; 2) file manager; and 3) SSL - to see how a certificate was added. Webmail and the file mgr didn't work in the demo, and I could not find how to add a certificate, or add cgi-wrap either.

    Also, I read here that H-Sphere will not allow you to oversell space. Is that true?

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    H SPhere has recently changed their design so that resellers can oversell if they choose to. Bandwidth and Disk Space are billed on whats used vs. whats alloted.

    Contact the people at psoft to see a demo of the end user panel or just check out ours. Go to our site and click on control panel demo on the left. Although, we have mail blocked for obvious reasons. The web mail progam is IMP from that might give you some insight into the web mail.
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    As a user, I prefer Hsphere over Cpanel as it offers more control over the domains that I own, despite the interface. =P

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    I'd say Cpanel gets my vote. Both H-sphere and Cpanel are exceeding easy to handle and take control off, but I just fine Cpanel more comfortable toward myself.

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    After reviewing demos again at EIS and psoft, and reading psoft's support forums, I've come to the conclusion that CPanel is still the best Control Panel.

    My initial interest in H-Sphere was due the fact that Hsphere had billing and ticket support included. I also liked that it supported the FreeBSD OS.

    However, CPanel is working on their FreeBSD (before Windows, I hope), and perhaps they are also working on adding billing and ticket support. CPanel still has more features than H-Sphere too.

    Further, CPanel has been out longer, so many of the bugs have already been noticed and fixed. Status quo, CPanel appears to be the more prudent choice.

    Just my 7.3 kernel's worth.

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    CPanel is definately good for the inexperienced as such and that would be where its main strenght is at all in its characteristics. Its biggest flaw is the licensing aspect and thats where H-Sphere will gain ground considering the costs involved.

    Different people have different needs and will like either really, and personally I like H-Sphere due to its creation from the outset to support more than one o.s. instead of being a software reconfigured to work on the o.s other than what it was originally designed and built for.

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    I believe PSoft has 22 developers working on HSphere and 3 working soley on SiteStudio. Also when you report a bug, someone will usually log in to your box and patch it there and then for you, then create a patch to be distributed to everyone else via the PSoft website - now that's what I call service.

    I'm curious to know what features CPanel has that HSphere doesn't, because we run both and HSphere is definately more feature packed and better supported.

    Perl is run SuExec by default on HSphere, webmail is SQ Webmail and IMP. SSL is very easy to add, in fact a user can add it themselves from their own control panel - it doesn't force it to be added from the admin panel.
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