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    Toll Free Reseller Program?

    I am run a hosting and domain name business and would like to add toll free numbers for my customers. I have done some research, but am having trouble finding reseller programs similar to what there is in the Domain and Hosting industry.
    I have found 3, but have no idea if they are any good.
    Here they are:

    Are there others?
    Are these 3 good?
    Is there an equivalent to Tucows, Enom, WildWest, Etc?

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    Toll Free

    I've been involved in Telecom, far more then WebHosting, so I know a little bit about this.

    The problem with 1800 is that someone has to own the switching equipment. And at the end of the day that's probably going to be the person doing the billing. I wouldn't sign up my customers for 1800 numbers unless it was a reliable telecom company, one that I had an agreement with.
    I'll be happy to share more of what I know, but I need more specifics.

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    kall8 has one too
    Like passive recurring revenue you can retire on?
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    We use Freedom Voice as ours. They offer their resellers the $30 a month plan for $20 and they let the resellers test all their products before releasing them to the public.

    They also have a convention every year in San Diego for everyone to get together.

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    Have been using
    They offer a reseller deal

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    There are lots who provides the toll free numbers.

    You can check this link also:

    But you should go for those providers who provides good numbers with better sound quality and good service.

    Thank you.


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