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    Looking for a flexable high quality designer

    Looking for a flexable high quality designer.

    I hired a freelance designer which no longer had the time for my project so had to drop it. The design is for a web hosting design with a number of subpages but I need someone who is flexable;

    The previous designer was very flexable. He made as many subpages as I needed without an extra charge because most of my subpages kept the same design but a few things added to it and or removed but mainly he out of html stuff. He coded all of my designs and work I asked without a fee and was quite generious about it. I was charged $200 for the whole design, bnumber of subpages and design support meaning some time later on if I needed a few images for my site he would make them for me at no extra cost. He did alot of other things for me and even started to create a few small designs without an extra charge so lets sayI need a design for teamspeak he would create it for me.


    My budget is $200.
    Need various subpages, I dont know how much cause Im a webhost so I come up with different things all the time so I dont know on that. I need someone flexable. Simple as that, if you can do this pm me and show me some of your work

    I layed down the basics. If anyone has these standards, please contact me.

    By the way, his email was cridoef1 -@-
    You can email him to confirm.


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    add me to msn

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    Pm Me. So We Can Talk

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    i could probably come up with something for you. my url is

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