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    Which free panel is the best for "a website" in a dedicated managed by 3rd company?


    I'm wondering get server management service of and use a free panel in my future (in the next days) dedicated server with I ask them what free panel do they manage best and they said that maybe webmin.

    What do you think about webmin? Is suitable for manage a dedicated which only have websites of my own?

    What about VHCS?

    Is still cpanel wa better option though the server is for websites of my own not a hosting/reseller company?


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    Free panels are a pain to manage - even for 3rd party companies specialiced in this. I would suggest you to take a cheaper commercial panel. Take a look into a lifetime directadmin licence, it's so easy to use and maybe you can find a licence for around 250 $ here on wht. Or 300 $ new. Then you can consider taking a 3rd party company. I have tried to use webmin with two management companies and each company did not provide good service to me.

    As for cpanel <-> Directadmin: I have updated directadmin twice just clicking on "update directadmin" link. I do not know if updating cpanel is as easy like that Price is another point. You can even take an internal directadmin lifetime licence for around 80 $!

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    Are you reseller or a hosting provider? The point is that I read from many people that a server with some of your own websites doesn't need a panel, that's more a service for clients. In my case the unique clients I have are the advertisers.

    By the way about which two management companies are you talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by markyoung
    Free panels are a pain to manage
    I can't let you write that without complaining as I saw some people switching from commercial solutions to open source because of some (big) lacks in commercial solutions (like for example most of the commecial solution wants you to use a specific version of everything...).

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