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    Best way to promote a new site?

    I know some of you have been at this a lot longer than I have so I thought you might be able to help me out.

    Okay, here is what I gathered so far...

    aka "Website promotion 101"

    First, common sense, have a website that is a) well designed, accessible, and b) has unique, relevant content that is updated regularily... if you don't have these two then promotion will not do too much

    Okay, then promotion (ethical promotion only)

    Of coruse, submit yourself to search engines though most should pick you up automatically

    Consider joining networks, affiliates, or legit link directories since links in will increase your page rank

    Comment in blogs, forums, and webpages and make sure your sig has a link to your webpage

    Now here is the step I am at, paid advertising

    there are text ads, google adsense, overture, stuff like that

    but then what else? What alternatives to those? Or are there not many? Are those the kings? I've noticed some people have done well using gimmick advertising like from the million dollar webpage or imitators like but I'm just not sure how safe a route that is? Would the $99 be much better spent on google adwords? Or is there some different category of advertising altogether I'm missing? I'm even considering offline advertising. My budget is only about $300 though.

    What about other third party websites that help to promote your site for free? Places that let you submit something or add value to their site somehow in exchange for exposure to yours? I know for blogs there are things like blogmad and blogexplosion. Anyone have any good links to something like that?

    How about success stories for promoting your sites from when they were new?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Google adwords would probably finish you $300 very quickly. I would consider advertising in websites that have to do with your site. (per month could be longer than per click) mostly in directorories that specializes in your business.
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