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    Unmetered Dedicated Managed Server Suggestions?

    Hello everyone,

    I currently have a dedicated server with host gator(Basic Plan). It seems that I have outgrown my current server and need to upgrade. I am not impressed with the support from Hostgator so I am looking for suggestions. I currently run around 7 vbulletin sites, only a couple are active and they only see at most around 10-15 users online at one time. I have an image hosting site, 2 video sites and 5 myspace resource sites. The video sites are just begining so the bandwith is low on them. I am currently looking for a managed dedicated server with Cpanel,WHM and Fantastico. By managed I mean more than just keeping it secure. I need a company that includes admin time with their managed services. I am looking for suggestions and first hand experiences.

    Also, what speed should I be looking at? 10Mb, 20Mb or more. Currently my monthly bandwith for the entire server is just over 1 TB, but I expect that to grow with the video sites.

    Should I go with a Dual Xeon, P4, Duo Core, Opteron?

    Which OS should I get?

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    Duo Core isn't yet that popular with most datacenters like Xeon and Opteron, it might take a while to find it.

    CentOs with Cpanel will work nicely.
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    20Mbps should be a good speed for you to start one.

    It'll allow for some Burstability, and give you a little room.

    Then you can upgrade to larger ports, as needed.

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    Thanks for the input. Can anyone recommend a reliable host either managed or unmanaged? Would I be better off finding a third party server management service? If so, which one?

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    I like Theplanet/

    They have unmetered servers.

    Theres also, several otherproviders as well that are pretty is another one.

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    I would recommend a Dual Xeon 2.8+ as it will allow you to grow and not have to upgrade anytime soon.. Good luck.

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    The best unmetered server provider from my experience is Hivelocity.
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    I know that was offering these to some of their customers. You will need to contact them directly for their custom stuff.
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