Hey WHT members,

I'm a Professional designer looking for some nice freelance design projects. To be clear, freelance design is my job beside my spare time clothing company. I have also trainee experience in companies for i.e Electronic Arts Holland (work on request)


Corporate identity
Webdesign, including coding in css,html and basic php scripting.
Clothing Design
Poster,letter,ad ect design. (quark & indesign expierence)
Flash design
Software skinning

I can't show everything directly here since I did a lot some work under some companies as freelancer.

So some small jobs.

http://www.maline.nl/ (my own brand, website not updated for latest ie)

http://www.maline.nl/sale (some older work)

Ok now I can really show alot of work on request, add me on [email protected] (msn).

To be clear for complete website normally starts from basic 500$ and towards 2500$ flash, corporate identity,basic cms etc up. Hosting(or else) companies without clear goal what the view of their company is don't apply. Also weird anonymous persons who offer me hosting, couches & women please don't waste my time.

Already thanks,

-Rick ter Schuur