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    CrystalWeb, iSpeed and LinusHost Experiences

    I am considering these hosts, and I was wondering if anyone has dealt with them, and what they think of them?

    BTW: I am looking for sub US$5 PHP, MySQL hosting, and under 50mbs of space. Suggestions?

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    I don't know anything about iSpeed or LinusHost, though I did some work for and they said they would give me some hosting....and it would be setup that night.

    I gave them the files and they said they were happy with it. I went to bed expecting an email saying the account details, though it wasn't there.

    Just today they asked me on AIM how to do something extra (I don't do it for free...) and I said that my account hasn't been setup...and they said that it would be done when it's all done..

    Well currently they have my work, and I have no account.

    RIP OFFS!!!!! DON'T USE THEM!!!!!!

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    DigiDesignz has said it all, but I was at another orum one time, and I think there was a bad report on iSpeed

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    DigiDeisgns - Rippoff

    Hey Digi
    I did tell you via AIM that you would get your account once I had the copied script from *some script site* working on the site, and its even in the message log. I just want to clear that up before your agression. Its taken me a while to configure it and get those countries added.

    And btw, just cause one person doesnt like us wouldnt automatically mean were bad, how about you ask our clients, and with their permission i will give their email adresses to you.

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    l-inushosts' were a bunch of spammers (that's why thier name is starred out,) their so called "CEO" sounds like a real idiot and lies about everything.

    I'd be looking elsewhere. If I were you I'd pay the extra few bucks and go with a reputable host such as or

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    Thats what all say who dont really want others to run good business

    Well i have customers that are happy with the services that i am providing. we at *********.com are trying to give as much services we can at a low cost. But nevertheless its upto you customers to decide which one is the best for you as there are good hosts like and

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