Are you suddenly realizing that bigger doesn’t always mean better? Are you tired of feeling like just a number to your host instead of a valued customer? If so, we have the solution for you.

At LittleBlueBike we don’t have aspirations of being the biggest and best web host in the northern hemisphere. Our goal is to be the biggest and best to our most valued asset…you.

If you’re an existing customer and are fed up with your customer service tickets being responded to 12 hours later, not to mention the down time you’ve experienced, we welcome you to check us out at LittleBlueBike.

As an existing customer, we can offer you 1 month free, just to try us out. Just enter VALUEDCUSTOMER as your coupon when signing up. Once you do, we’re confident that you’ll be more than happy to continue with us. If for some reason you’re not, there is no obligation to continue. We don’t believe in cancellation fees, contracts etc.

Sign up with us today and relive how good customer service used to be. We will help you to migrate your site to our services free of charge. In addition we’ll submit your website to over 100 major search engines for free as well as check your website against 10 of your competitors to see your rankings in popular search engines. This is free at your request and you’ll receive reports on the submission as well as how to improve your site.

Check out our packages below and let us know if you have any questions. We welcome the opportunity to have you and your business with us.

3000 MB Webspace
20 GB b/w per mo.
30 Email and FTP and Subdomains
20 Addon Domains
PHP 4 & 5
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5000 MB Webspace
30 GB b/w per mo.
Unlimited Email and FTP and Subdomains
30 Addon Domains
PHP 4 & 5
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7000 MB Webspace
40GB b/w per mo.
Unlimited Email and FTP and Subdomains
40 Addon Domains
PHP 4 & 5
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*99.9% Uptime Guarantee
*NO Overselling
*30-Day 'no questions asked' Moneyback
*Outstandind Service & Support
*Free 3rd Party Script Installations

Any questions, feel free to contact us at our website or at [email protected]