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    need advice about getting my server back

    back in 2004, i found out about this one colocation hosting company through this website. it was very inexpensive. so i signed up, and sent my precious server to them for the service. it's been running fine, with great service from guys working at that company. but i started having problem since few months ago when my server kept on crashing every other days. and since the server was running windows in another language, they could not troubleshoot the problem themselves. so i asked them to send it to me so i can fix it and send it back. this was back in early august. the server has been offline since then and the last email i received from them was on august 24th, saying that they will ship my server. well... i waited almost a month. no email, no phone call, and no server at my door. i started sending them emails regarding the status of my server, but i did not get any reply. i was very frustrated. i found the number of owner of the company from my old emails and called him. when i explained the situation, his first response was "where did you get this number?"

    that was about 2 weeks ago and i've called him and emailed him so many times since then. every time i called him, he said he'd look it up and get back to me. he never did. i called him last thursday. he said he'll get back to me on friday. he didn't. i called him today. he said he'll call me back in few min. i waited 2 hours and call him back. he said he'll call me back again.... he finally did. he said he doesn't know the status of my server, and doesn't know where it is. he gave me a number to someone else working for him. i called this guy but he never answers the phone.

    this is very frustrating. billion things are running in my mind. has this company run out of business? (i called the number shown on their website and it's out of service) is my server safe and in place??? i was running a service on the server and it also contains a lot of data that i need.

    now i'm not sure if i'll ever get my server back.
    any good advice will be appreciated.

    seong bae
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    To be honest, I don't know what to tell you. If they're not addressing your concerns after all this time, that is very bad indeed. But it also sounds like they do not care. You may wish to have a lawyer send a warning letter, though this may be out of your budget.
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    Where is the company located?

    What is their URL? I would do a lookup and find an address and maybe contact the FBI if it means that much to you. That is theft after all.

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    well i honestly would consult a lawyer before bringing any investigation groups into the scene. Normally when a lawyer contacts a host and tells them they are about to get sued because of so and so, if the host has actually done something wrong or is doing something wrong they normally will resolve that issue fast rather than losing money, However it is still your best bet to consult a lawyer for more information.
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