In an effort to increase customer base, I am trying something that's pretty insane. I am going to offer 20 accounts 100% free of charge for 30 days. It is our mmcCore plan.

Here is what you get
1500mb Webspace
15gb Transfer
(wht special) Unlim email/mysql/ftp/etc
redhat linux - Cpanel

Normally $19.99 a month!

After the 30 day trial, you can choose to cancel, with no charge, or change your plan to any of the ones listed on at 50% of the listed cost, as well as create a custom package.

since this is going to cost me a ton of bandwidth and what, i ask that only people who are seriously looking for a new host apply for one of these 20 free accounts.

You will be asked to start a PayPal subscription, but it does not bill you for 1 month, and will be for $9.99/month to cover 50% off the $19.99 fee for the mmcCore plan. However, you can cancel the subcription anytime before the 1 month period and not be charged, or it can be changed if you wish to proceed with a different plan.

No Adult websites. No illegal material.

To sign up, goto