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    SOLAR VPS - FREE Disk.. FREE cPanel/Fantastico/RVSkins.. FREE WINDOWS VPS???

    SOLAR VPS - FREE Disk.. FREE cPanel/Fantastico/RVSkins.. FREE WINDOWS VPS????

    Yes, we are giving away all kinds of free stuff. Need some additional disk space? How about a FREE cPanel license with
    FREE Fantastico and FREE RVSKins? Hey, if you like Windows, how about a FREE WINDOWS VPS!

    1. FREE LINUX VPS 10GB DISK - Code FREELNXDISK - Expires Oct./15/2006
    2. FREE cPanel/Fantastico/RVSkins - Code FREECPFR - Expires Oct./15/2006
    3. FREE WINDOWS VPS - See Below:

    In an effort to promote Windows VPS on Virtuozzo, we are giving away (x3) 6 month Windows VPS packages! We have placed 3
    random coupon codes in different areas of our web site. If you find one of the codes, try it in the order process and if
    it hasn't been used yet, you'll get a free Mercury OVW VPS for 6 months FREE! The Mercury OVW is a $35 MONTHLY VALUE that
    comes with 256MB of RAM, 10GB of disk and 200GB of monthly data transfer. Over the course of 6 months, this is a $210
    VALUE!!!! There will only be 3 of these codes and each code can only be used once! After the first use, each of
    these coupon codes will automatically deactivate for further use. If you enter the coupon code and the order process tells
    you that its expired, then that coupon is no longer valid. If for any reason any of these coupons are used on fraudulent
    orders or the order is cancelled before fullfillment, we will create a new coupon code and place it in a new location on
    the site. We WILL be giving away (3x) 6 month Windows VPS packages provided all 3 are found and used for proper, legal orders.


    NEW & CURRENT CUSTOMERS are welcome to participate.

    1. You can upgrade or downgrade between Mercury and Jupiter and maintain your free disk upgrade.
    2. You can upgrade or downgrade between Mercury and Jupiter on any non-IRC VPS package and maintain your free cPanel/Fantastico/RVSkins.
    3. All coupons must be applied at the time of order in the coupons box of our order process. WE WILL NOT APPLY THESE AFTER THE FACT!
    4. This specific offer expires Sunday October 15th, 2006 or when available quantities have been used, whichever comes first.

    CURRENT CUSTOMER APPRECIATION - Expires Sunday October 15, 2006
    In an effort to promote and grow our forums as well as show appreciation for our valued customers, we will be giving a $5.00 credit to
    any customer who comes to our forums, creates an account ( if they don't already have one ) and submits a suggestion in our "Suggestion Box"

    In order to receive the credit, your suggestion must be thoughtful, polite and constructive. We are looking for feedback from you, our valuable
    customers, about how we can improve our business as well as new products and services you would like to see offered. Suggestions should be at
    least 1 -> 2 sentences in length and should properly explain your suggestion, feedback or proposed product/service offering.

    We reserve the right to refuse any credit and remove any forums post we feel is not relevant, obscene or counter-productive to this goal.
    PLEASE DO NOT post your suggestions in Web Hosting Talk... We want your suggestions in our forums.

    PLEASE NOTE: While we always love feedback from our customers, we will only be offering this credit through Sunday October 15th. To request
    this credit after having made your post, open a ticket with [email protected] using the email address on your account and include the
    link to your post ( IN THE SOLAR VPS FORUMS SUGGESTION BOX ONLY ) for review. After we have reviewed your post, we will respond with whether
    or not your $5.00 credit has been approved. Credits are limited to (1) $5.00 credit per existing customer. This is for parties who became customers of
    Solar VPS prior to Monday October 9, 2006.

    - None of the coupon codes are stackable.
    - All coupon codes can be used for any new VPS package order.
    - Coupons are not eligible for existing packages.
    - Coupons Must be used at the time of the order, if you forget to use the coupon, it cannot be applied later.
    - Coupons are good for VPS orders only.

    The Solar VPS Advantage
    - Choose from UK or US based locations
    - Windows or Linux VPS
    - Choice of cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin
    - 30 day money back on all new accounts
    - DDOS Protect IRC servers
    - Intel and AMD Dual CPU servers
    - Full VZ Backups
    - 24/7 Level 3 Technical Support
    - Platinum SWsoft partner providing us with 24x7 access to support, developers and executives
    - Free migration assistance from current provider


    Linux VPS Plans: Starting at $30/mo Unmanaged
    View Plans
    Mercury OVL (Unmanaged): 256MB RAM - 10Gb Disk - 200Gb Transfer :: Order Now
    Mercury OVLC (Unmanaged): 256MB RAM - 10Gb Disk - 200Gb Transfer - cPanel/WHM :: Order Now
    Venus PVLP (Managed): 384MB RAM - 20Gb Disk - 300Gb Transfer - Plesk 100 Domains/Power Pack :: Order Now
    Venus PVLC (Managed): 384MB RAM - 20Gb Disk - 300Gb Transfer - cPanel/WHM :: Order Now


    Windows VPS Plans: Starting at $35/mo Unmanaged
    View Plans
    Mercury OVW (Unmanaged): 256MB RAM - 10Gb Disk - 200Gb Transfer - NO CONTROL PANELS :: Order Now
    Venus PVWP (Managed): 384MB RAM - 15Gb Disk - 300Gb Transfer - Plesk 100 Domains/Power Pack :: Order Now
    Jupiter PVWP (Managed): 512MB RAM - 20Gb Disk - 500Gb Transfer - Plesk 100 Domains/Power Pack :: Order Now


    IRC Linux VPS Plans: Starting at $15/mo Unmanaged
    View Plans
    IRC 64MB: 64MB RAM burstable to 256MB - 3Gb Disk - 50Gb Transfer :: Order Now
    IRC 128MB: 128MB RAM burstable to 256MB - 5Gb Disk - 100Gb Transfer :: Order Now
    IRC 256MB: 256MB RAM burstable to 512MB - 10Gb Disk - 200Gb Transfer :: Order Now

    Please Note:
    1. Packages with "OV" in the name are Unmanaged. The packages come with 48 hours of setup support. After the first 48 hours,
    we provide support for network and Virtuozzo issues only. All other issues are subject to a $10 per ticket fee.
    2. Packages with "PV" in the name are Managed. Please see the appropriate product page on our web site for whats included
    with management. Windows & Linux
    3. Not all control panels available on all plans.
    4. US or European Data Center selected at time of order.

    If you have any questions, please email [email protected]
    or call (800) 799-1713

    We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to serving you.

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    <<< _ >>> all three coupons are already gone. Only a few hours after you posted the thread, too. For those who are still looking one is in the AUP under the termination section, one is in the Windows VPS info page, and one is in server management. I just wasted 15 minutes finding them just to find they didn't work
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    Jason Cousineau

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    I've found all three free windows coupons, but they all say expired. Is this true?

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    Guess it is, I found all three some 13 hours ago, the first two were already used, but I had luck with third one

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