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    Temporary Remote Backup Recommendations

    An old server is dying, so I moved everything to a new server. The old server is slated to be unplugged. Biz as usual, except....

    Although it has been days since the move was made, today (on the very day the server is to be unplugged) a customer noticed that part of his database did not transfer. I took care of it, but now I am paranoid that there are other DBs, or something else, that did not make it.

    I am looking for recommendations for remote backup, so that I can do a complete backup of the old server (about 40 GB), just in case somebody else finds something wrong. No, I don't have a spare server to use for this purpose.

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    You could purchase a spare drive for your new server, or pay for a month or two of an off-site storage account.
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    The best sollution would be to rent a server at another data center and have a backup there. In addition, i would reccomend to host customers 50/50 on both machines. In case of any problems, you would have other 50% customers happy

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    I highly recommend Gnax for their remote backup option, it's very affordable and we've seen 0 downtime with it in the past year we've used them

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    Check out They provide remote backup at a reasonable price. I have used them a couple times in the past when I was moving sites or as a emergency backup when the data center was doing something to the server.

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