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    NaysNay -

    Hey Guys,

    Im currently doing a deal with NaysNay to buy his company

    Im just wanting to see if anyone has ever heard of them before I do the deal as I dont fancy being ripped off again.

    Any info would be appreciated.


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    No, I've never heard of them, but in a world of over 60,000 hosting companies, that's not saying much.
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    He claims to be 'one of' the most respected hosting companies in the middle east

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    1. Record created on 2006/01/29 UTC - so the domain is 7 months old
    2. The domain doesn't have a pagerank - oh well has a 0 pagerank
    3. We haven't heard of it
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    Thanks for that, I pulled out of the deal as he wont even take Escrow which raises flags to me.

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    To be honest, it looks a bit suspicious... To me it looks like it cannot be a great host if they are serving Google Ads on their site...

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