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    Need webhost for high traffic blog running on Movable Type

    I have my website currently hosted with (shared plan) which runs on Movable Type 3.3 and with Dynamic publishing. However my website gets regularly featured on Digg, Slashdot etc and Dreamhost cant handle the spikes as it brings their server down. Earlier I was with Godaddy and they got very very powerful servers but they dont support dynamic publishing.
    I am thinking of getting a Virtual Dedicated server but I have no experience of Linux. Which webhosts would you recommend for such a website ? I have no experience in server management, is there any webhost like Rackspace which offers virtual servers but at an affordable price.

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    Many of the hosts you listed are known to oversell, you might be able to get away with a host that doesn't sell 1TB of bandwidth for $3.99. I had the same troubles with GoDaddy a while ago. There's a lot of hosts you can look at that don't oversell too much, maybe take a look at the offers section?

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    To ensure that your web host does not oversell too much, you may want to consider getting a reseller account. The reseller account usually comes with a lot of bandwidth too.

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