October 9, 2006, Dallas, TX – SoftLayer Technologies announced several significant additions to its portfolio of security solutions. The new products include Cisco ASA firewalls, McAfee Enterprise Anti-virus, AntiSpyware, Host-based IPS products and VPN alternatives to server management. “SoftLayer is focused on delivering enterprise quality security services to our dedicated hosting platform,” said Nathan Day, Chief Technology Officer at SoftLayer.

According to Mr. Day, one notable security addition is Cisco ASA firewalls. Long recognized as an industry leader in security, the Cisco firewalls are fully managed through SoftLayer’s customer portal, giving the user complete control. “These new services are a natural expansion of our private network design and create a secure, efficient method to manage your
IT environment.”

With SoftLayer, customers can also expect instant activation and immediate installation of products.
“You buy it now, it goes live now. It’s that simple,” said Mr. Day. “The ability to add services
on-demand without service interruptions allows our customers to operate in the most efficient manner possible.”

Additionally, SoftLayer added McAfee Enterprise AV, AntiSpyware and Host-based IPS products. Following the on-demand centralized management theme, these products are fully managed through the customer portal and provisioned immediately upon purchase.

Finally, increased VPN alternatives for server management have been added to the company’s security offerings. “Exclusively at SoftLayer, all customers benefit from VPN access to the private network for true out-of-band server management. Multiple VPN options including SSL, PPTP and IPSEC VPN access allows for easier operation among our users,” said Mr. Day. VPN connections also allow users to access remote reboot, remote console and KVM over IP to further increase control and security.

“We understand the value of world-class protection,” concluded Mr. Day. “These new products further demonstrate our commitment to providing the safest and most secure environment for our customers to operate in.”

About SoftLayer Technologies
Located in the INFOMART in Dallas, Texas, SoftLayer was formed in June 2005 by a team of industry executives seeking to deliver low cost next generation on-demand hosting services for the small to medium enterprise (SME). Utilizing proprietary software, coupled with the industry’s first network-within-a-network topology, the company delivers unprecedented power and control to securely manage IT environments while providing unparalleled scalability. For more information please visit or call 866.398.7638.