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    You make the offer - Trying to feel empty space

    Here's the deal, I started reselling hosting b/c I had a large site that I decided to get a dedicated server for.

    I currently resell enough that I only loose very little per month that i say is my own site hosting cost.

    however, my server is only about 50% used. and ive only sold (not used) 22 of my 40 gig HD, and 180 of my 300gb Bandwidth.

    So anyways, to cut to the point, I am STILL willing to let the rest of the space go DIRT CHEAP since it will be almost purely profit and im not in this to make money. So make a semi-reasonable offer, preferably via pm, and ill setup your account.

    u specify space/transfer
    unlimited subdomain, pop3/web email, mysql, ftp, etc etc
    php, mysql
    Cpanel 4.*

    And remember, almost all offers will be accepted, until i have about 5 free gbs of space, which i want to save.

    Questions? ask away

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    Where is your server?
    What level of support do you provide?
    What's your guarrenty?


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    Question so, how does empty space feel?

    hehehe...just kidding there

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