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    Dedicated server host - need help!

    Hi there,
    I'm looking for a good, actually great, dedicated host who's got the following features:

    - Microsoft Server with ASP or ASP.NET support
    - Online Control Panel
    - Frontpage extensions
    - Unlimited FTP accounts
    - Number of email accounts (bigger=better :-)
    - Spam protection
    - Web mail
    - Script library

    and of course good tech support, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, uptime...

    I'm willing to spend so please advise on the best that's out there.


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    Alentus is a great host that offers dedicated servers running Windows. I have experience with their shared division for hosting clients who I designed Websites for. Never had any troubles as far as downtime goes, and support was pretty good too - English-speaking folks who had the authority to fix problems!

    (And yes, mods, I can provide the URL of the site I manage that is hosted there if you wish to see it.)
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    Try posting in the dedicated forum as you may get more responses.

    I've heard good things about The Planet (if your not too tight on budget) but we don't use them ourselves so can't talk from personal experience.
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    Yes this would be better off in the Dedicated Servers forum... Just a word of advice, there is no such thing as unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.. There is unmetered bandwidth, however, there is no unlimited or unmetered disk space. As for your control panel requirements, I would recommend purchasing cPanel for your dedicated server.

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    I think that if you specify a price range that will give a better idea about what you want and will help in giving you a list of suitable providers for that..there are DCs providering High End servers and other that provide low end and some are providing both now to satisfy both markets.

    As mentioned before, there's no such thing as unlimited space, it's a Hard Disk, it's limited to a specific space.

    As for Bandwidth, why do you need unmetered bandwidth? Are you planning on running high traffic sites or you just feel more comfortable with the term "unmetered" or as you put in "unlimited"..which as said before..doesn't exist either when talking about Bandwidth.
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    I'll second ""

    Been with them for several years now, coudln't be happier.

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    Hey guys,
    thanks for the feedback.
    I know that there's no such thing as unlimited band width and disk space. So to be more specific I'd need at least 5 GB of disk space and at least 10 GB/month bandwidth.
    My budget is between 80 and 150 dollars per month.

    I welcome further suggestions.

    Thank you!

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    I say try, they are real good and have some awesome services

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