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    Turnkey e-shop hosting

    Who's the best package out there? I haven't secured my supply chain yet so obviously I don't want to invest $20-30 per month into something that wouldn't start for at least 3-4 months but on the other hand I've noticed if I register domains AND order some basic e-commerce package I can get my desired names for $1-2...
    I guess there's a way for gradual upgrade but who do you suggest to go with?

    I only used Netfirms for basic domain registration until now but that doesn't involve CC processing so I have no idea who offers the best package...

    PS: I maintain professional dedicated web servers - hosted at Rackspace - so if there's a slight chance I can hook up with some CC processor company easily I would do it as well... if it's a hassle then I'll go with a turnkey package.

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    I am not sure I fully understand your question. Are you looking for a hosting/e-commerce store package? Or are you looking for a cc processor? Or both? It is very easy to find one company that can do it all for you. But I really don't recommend it. For example, I suggest you never register your domain name through the same company you are hosting with. It is good practice to keep your hosting and domain names at separate companies. If your host starts failing (and a lot of them do fail these days) you may want to leave but may have your domain held hostage. Or worse if your host goes under you may lose control of your domain name completely. It may save you a few bucks now but it could cause you trouble down the road if your domain name is important to you. Also, I don't recommend e-commerce packages where you do not have a choice of the shopping cart software you want to use. Packages like this often times have limited feature/item software. And in most cases you do not own the software license. Under this condition if your host were to fold, so would your store. At least if you own the software license and your domain name you can independently shop for your hosting and not be limited to only a few hosts that offer complete packages. I would suggest researching which shopping cart software you want to use. Then based on the cc processors that it supports you can then shop around for the processor that is right for you and has decent rates. You can also shop around for a host that specializes in hosting your software or at the least offers a good e-commerce package with hosting and software license included with the package. You can always check out their recommendations for cc processor but you will never be locked in to their solution. Having a choice and researching your alternatives is the best thing you can do for yourself IMHO.

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