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    Looking for original articles and content at *affordable* prices? (samples provided)


    I am providing original articles and content at affordable prices.

    First a word or two about my writing. I believe if you are going to spend money on content then it should help you achieve your goals and not just act as filler to pad out your site.

    Let me give you an example. Supposing you wanted to hire me to write a few articles for your web hosting blog / resource site. I am not going to write out the average rant on this board in a more eloquent form. That is to say, what I write will be insightful, anyone reading the article will actually learn something new or at least get a different view point. More importantly it will encourage return visits and help you achieve your goals (whether those goals are product sales or page views and click-throughs).

    Here are a few examples of what I mean:

    One of the more popular discussions on forums like this is 'Overselling' and how certain hosts manage to offer monster hosting packages for peanuts. Here is an article written for a client. You will notice that it is not your average rant and instead is a more technical and in depth look at loss leading.

    Click here to read the article on 'Hosts that loss lead treading dangerous ground'

    I have a business background so providing articles on sales and marketing and how they apply to the hosting world is where you will really get the best out of me. Here is an example of how I don't just write to fill out your website but actually undertake research to provide interesting new outlooks into the chosen subject.

    Click here to read the article on 'How changes in the web hosting end user market will affect your business'

    Of course I'm not just pigeon-holed into writing about web hosting. If your site is a different industry, I can still help you with content and articles.

    Health and Nutrition

    Click here to read an article on 'Low Carbohydrate Diets'
    Click here to read an article on 'The South Beach Diet'


    Click here to read an article on 'Texas Hold'Em Poker


    I have worked with WHT members in the past who can vouch for my honesty and of course how quickly I was able to produce their article sets for them. The following two people may be contacted for references:

    Robbie Moran
    WHT Member: Pixabit
    Email: robbie.moran[@]

    Diederik Hoekema
    WHT Member: Diederik
    Email: hoekema[@]

    Contacting Me
    If you need content written for your site or require more samples feel free to:

    - send me a private message
    - add me to MSN: [email protected]
    - add me to AIM: fazel3

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    Can you shed some light on your *affordability*

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    I charge an hourly rate, usually $25 but of course if you contact me with details of your project... I can tell you how long it will take to complete it and how much it will cost you.

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