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    Looking for dedicated host - please help

    Hi there,
    I'm looking for a good, actually great, dedicated host who's got the following features:

    - Microsoft Server with ASP or ASP.NET support
    - Online Control Panel
    - Frontpage extensions
    - Unlimited FTP accounts
    - Number of email accounts (bigger=better :-)
    - Spam protection
    - Web mail
    - Script library

    and of course good tech support, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, uptime...

    I'm willing to spend so please advise on the best that's out there.


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    "unlimited bandwidth and disk space"

    This does not exist...everything has limits

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    Well you're right. Ok so bandwidth and disk space in large amounts. Let's say 10 GB of disk space at least. And 10 GB of bandwidht at least.

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    but here is dedicated server forum, you should go to web hosting forum regarding your package

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    How much is ur budget for this?

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    Yearly budget is 1500 Euros.

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    With this kind of budget you can get good services and much more bandwidth and space.

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