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Thread: Help Please...

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    Help Please...

    I'm looking for a site that will let me submit a lyric i wrote and get feedback on it. anyone know of anything

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    I'm practically tone-deaf. Try googling songwriting forum. You'll probably get more responses in such a forum.

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    I would recommend to post in songwriting/lyrics forum. Becoz it can be related to your query and U can have good feedback from them.

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    Why don't you open a free webpage and publish your lyric?

    Check out blogje .eu
    there you can open a subdomain like yourname. 2se. eu,
    for free, they have a user interface for you to publish your lyric on your free webpage with a free geustbook without required html skills (just copy and paste your lyric) . And then you can sit and wait for reactions in your geustbook that are being e-mailed to you also for free.
    Simple as 1,2,3

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    Try, its a art community with alot of active member and theye have a seperate music part or their forum's

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