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    Increasing links to my website


    I gather that getting a high volume of good links to your website is a good way to increase google's rating of a given website.

    What would be some good ways to achieve this? I was going to email sites offering similar contact and suggest a link exchange.

    p.s thanks to anyone who has replied to my previous questions, it is appreciated.

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    Link Exchange as you have suggested.
    Article Submissions
    Forum Signatures
    Directories, although you need to be careful which directories you submit to, as Google does not like some.
    Yahoo Answers is another good one, answer questions and direct people to the source of the information on your site.

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    The kinds of webmasters who are eager to agree to link trades usually have low-quality sites which won't help your rankings much. But actually, if you build a quality site you probably won't have to worry about requesting links, because your site will be a natural link magnet.
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