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    dedicated server with sql2005 reccomendations

    I'm looking for a dedicated server with SQL Server 2005 running I don't need a lot of bandwidth as my niche is very specialised, but I do need it to be very fast and reliable. Has anyone got any reccomendations? or had any good or bad experiences with something similar to share? I've had 5 quotes which have varied from 130 a month to 400 a month, I've also read lots of very varied reviews so it seems to be something of a minefield to find a good, sensibly priced host

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    I don't see how anyone offered you sql 2k5 for 130/mo the license for a single cpu costs them atleast that

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    The license for SQL Server 2005 workgroup with single processor license is £50 a month. Actually the first quote I had was for £18500! which nearly gave me a heart attack! I hadn't made clear at that point which licence I was looking for, they soon revised it down to £50 once that was cleared up. So without the license actually the quotes started at £80.

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