Hi, im looking to install some form of survey software, this will primarily be used for two things:

1, A link will be included in all resolved ticket notifications asking if the client could give there view on the support they've just received.

2, Will also be used occasionally to ask clients how satisfied they are with the services there receiving, anything we could add or improve etc.....

So on that note the software must be able to generate multiple surveys from one installation.

Other requirements would be:

Linux based (php/mysql)
Free (only need 2 forms so dont want all the bells and whistles etc...)
Public viewable results (with the option to exclude certain parameters from them such as name, email, ticket id etc....)
Ability to change the look of the pages, mainly adding a header and footer by either SSI or php includes.

Ive already tried:


And neither fits my needs so any alternatives are more than welcome.