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    Question Customer Service Problem?

    Has anyone else had trouble with getting a response from customer service lately? They used to be pretty responsive, but in the last week or two, I cannot get them to respond to several problems that have occurred on their servers (I have a reseller account with Datahosts).

    I have sent several e-mails to Datahosts and have called their customer support number about half a dozen times (and left messages each time on their voicemail), but haven't heard anything back from them.

    I am unhappy enough that I am currently looking at the competition to see what they offer. When the server suffers one problem after another and yet I cannot get tech support to respond after days and days of fervently trying, I understandably am concerned.

    The strange thing is that Datahosts (and Elijah) used to be pretty good about responding. That's why I find it strange that they've suddenly become so unreliable....both in service and response.

    I guess I should have been concerned a few weeks ago when each time, after a problem occured and I e-mailed tech support, it took on average of three e-mails to them (and the words "Second Attempt" or "Third Attempt" in the subject line) before I got any response from Datahosts. With the last two problems (which involved server failure), I received no response, no matter how many e-mails I sent or how many phone calls I made.

    Yesterday, after a total service outage on the server where my domains are housed, I finally got so frustrated with not receiving a response (again), that I e-mailed the "for emergency purposes only" address, and low-and-behold, I finally got a response back! I was told that the server was down, and they were performing emergency maintenance on it. I was also offered the promise that the problems I had been receiving with customer service would be dealt with today, and that they would contact me. However, I did not hear from them again today, and when I sent them a reminder that they were supposed to contact me as promised and that I needed to discuss the customer service problems as well as the service problems that have been occurring, I still received NO response back from Datahosts.

    If I didn't know better, I'd say they are purposely ignoring me. I'm sure that can't be true, but it sure does feel like it. I always try to think the best of people, but at this moment in time, it's difficult for me to think the best about Datahosts. It seems my money is good enough to take (the latest charge to my card occured only three short days ago), but when it comes to supporting the service I am paying for, they fall very short of the mark.

    Is anyone else having the same problem, or is it just me?


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    Sorry for your recent experience. I have seen the best of hosts get swamped with technical problems or unexpected growth, and temporarily have difficulty handleing support. In general, a good host will see they need to upgrade staff etc to rectify the situation. If you think this could be the case and would like to continue with them from positive past experience, I would suggest you send them an email explaining how you are disatisfied and considering leaving, but am willing to give them a small amount of time to rectify this problems.

    Completely ignoring customers emails is not at all ok, however -and if they continue not responding you should truely move to a new provider.

    Good luck,
    Old man of the hosting world..

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    Thank you for your reply. I agree in trying to give a company a second chance, if they are willing to make amends.

    While I was waiting for a reply from Datahosts, as well as to my post here at WHT, I came across a thread that really bothered me. The thread was posted here just one short month ago. In it, Elijah, (the gentleman who owns the hosting company I have my reseller account through), responded to a customer in a very unprofessional manner -- referring to the customer as an "ungrateful fck". I know that this "customer" is a free and not a paying one, but still...why talk to ANY customer with that sort of bad language? After all, even if the service being offered to this fellow is "free", Datahosts offered the service to him in the first place. After reading that particular thread, it made me want to flee from my host, in no uncertain terms. I understand that some people have a bad day from time to time, but I really don't see the excuse in calling a customer by a filthy four letter word. If you're interested in reading that thread, you can find it here:

    Please understand, I just came across the thread in a search. I am not trying to cause trouble or stir anything up. In fact, the thread caught me quite by surprise, as in my past dealings with Datahosts, I never received a reply from them where foul language had been used, and they are usually polite.

    I did receive two replies today from Datahosts explaining what caused the problems I was having, what they did to repair it, and why they took so very long in replying to me (apparently the owner was out of town and the person that he left in charge performed mostly service admin tasks and didn't reply to tech support e-mails).

    Now I am at odds at what to do. My gut instinct tells me to find a new hosting company...although my sense of fairness tells me to consider giving the company another chance.

    What to do?


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    Kimi - I agree with hitspot that you should give them another chance, there are many factors that could be causing them problems.

    I have found that some customers email gets rejected from being send to our servers for some reasons, its actually there isp and not at our end.

    Im not sure what to say about the way he treated a customer yes your right that its not very professional but please do consider they are also human. We all have bad days and this could of been one to the extreme.

    At the end its all up to you as you are the person that is going to be paying for a service.

    Good luck and kind regards
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    Hi Kim,
    After reading that post you provided I think I have changed my mind. Although hosts do have bad days, that was way overboard and in my mind a very bad sign- so if it was me I would move to someone new. (and the great thing about webhostingtalk is that you can find someone with a good and stable reputation by asking others and reading previous posts).

    Of course, however, you should follow your feelings on this.

    Good luck,
    David Kiley
    Old man of the hosting world..

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    I truly appreciate your reply. Honestly, I'm glad that that particular post struck you as negatively as it did me. I know what my gut instinct is telling me. I am currently shopping around to see what reseller plans are offered elsewhere.

    Incidently, in the last message I posted, I mentioned a reply I finally received from my host regarding the problems they have been having and my concerns. I was told that I they would go through all my e-mails and that I would "definitely get a reply within 12- 24 hours." (and this wasn't an automated message). Guess what? the 24 hours came and went, and I'm still waiting. Considering the recent past, I'm not surprised.

    Thanks again for your help.


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    Don't know what to say here....

    But here are the events that took place with regards to that post.

    1) Datahosts provided FREE hosting services
    2) The FREE hosting server was bombed real bad
    3) Clients comes to this board to burn datahosts
    4) Datahosts reacts!

    I don't agree with the manner that datahosts answered that post but its frustrating when you are providing a FREE service and your clients go to a public hosting board and try to burn you because your FREE account is not working.
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    I am also having the same problems...I email them and no reply from

    This happened many times...i also have post in this forum about them. They really have bad service.

    Anyway, i decided to start searching for new company.

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    Today i try to fax somethings over to their side...guess what...their fax numbers is not working anymore!!!!

    Can someone help? I need to ask them to active back my pages.

    My FTP is locked so i cannot download my data now.

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    To GTC


    I'd say that it's nice to see that I'm not the only one having problems with, but I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

    The last correspondence I received from DataHosts was on June 18th promising me a response within 12-24 hours to address the server and customer support problems stated in my numberous e-mails to them. Today, six days later, I have yet to hear anything from them. I have totally given up.

    Yesterday, I signed up with a new hosting service and have a new reseller account. This morning I e-mailed DataHosts to let them know that at the end of this billing period I no longer require their services. I also contacted PaySystems (the company they use to perform the monthly recurring billing) to make sure that I am removed from their recurring billing system.

    I'm not sure if this is the avenue you wish to take, but I for one was tired of waiting, and tired of receiving empty promises.

    Good luck to you,

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    Thumbs down

    I see is going bad and their service is deteriorating. I have a simple request and it took more than two weeks without any status update. I finally sent an email to their emergency contact email and guess what.

    From [email protected] Sun Jul 28 17:54:18 2002
    Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 19:34:49 -0500
    Mime-Version: 1.0
    From: "Postmaster" <[email protected]***********.com>
    To: <[email protected]>
    Subject: Undeliverable Mail

    User mailbox exceeds allowed size: [email protected]

    Are they still in business??? I am a *PAID* customer!


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    You beter lookin into "paying" someone else and moving your clients to a new host before they go bye bye el permanto

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