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    Domain not pointing to new nameservers

    One of my client's domain is not pointing to the new nameservers even after > 96 hours.

    A whois on record, shows that the domain's nameservers are my new nameservers, but doing a ping on the domain shows it as using the old ip.

    My DNS record on the new nameserver is set correctly.

    Upon, connecting to my client's old cpanel account at the old server where the old nameserver resides, I notice that the dns record shows.

    $TTL 14400		
    @ 86400 IN SOA [OLD SERVER IP] {
    2006092704 Serial Number 86400 Refresh 7200 Retry 3600000 Expire 86400 Minimum TTL
    Could the "Expire" part be the issue?

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    No, expire is just for slave nameservers. Check dnsreport, if that's ok then ping from other locations, try to clear cached lookups (ipconfig /flushdns?) and check which nameservers are being used by the machine that pings the wrong address.

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    On the local DNS server run
    dig @localhost
    (replace the domain of course)

    Also, check /var/log/messages and make sure the zone is loading. Well, the ablove will confirm if it is or is not as well. You want to make sure the serial number 2006092704 is loading. If it isn't then make sure to increase the serial above what is shown in messages.

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    you do check with these two URL and let us know the reports...
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    Try to use nslookup as well: "nslookup thedomain nameserver". It may be the config that has a problem.

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