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    Tutorials and programming manuals search

    Categorized and structured link collection to prorgraming manuals and Linux tutorials. Moderated link suggestion.

    Currently we search through 300 000+ pages, index size - 400Mb+

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    huge site you have there!
    the layout though leaves something to be desired.
    first of all the white background is harsh on the eyes, and there's too much text thats the first thing you see

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenybird
    huge site you have there!
    This is just small part of world's tutorials, we will grow up
    Thanks for review!

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    clean and simple, not much too look a though, but does the trick!



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    The stark look almost fits the type of site it is. But I'd say with a little effort you could make it a little warmer.

    I like the concept of the site though. And there was no Windows links...

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    Cool site. You have a typo under the search box, though:

    "Ex: "php implode", pealse read search guide for details"

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    Nice content, however I think you need to work a little more with the design.

    BTW: Is it possible to advertise on your web site? please PM me if interested.

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    Thanks for your reviews, you help me a lot!
    Looks like people need search manuals from time to time.
    Typos fixed up, and I found a designer to make current website look a bit clear.

    If you really fould this website usefull for you please Digg look4docs.

    Thanks a lot again!

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