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    Yellow lines put underneath car

    A driver has had his parking ticket quashed after he discovered workmen had painted the single-yellow line underneath his car.

    Nasser Khan returned to his car to find the line had been painted while he was away - and a ticket issued.

    The incident in Salford was caught on camera by an office worker.

    Mr Khan also says that the painting equipment damaged his tyres. Salford City Council said it would look into Mr Khan's claims.

    The gap in the line had been left after recent roadworks, and had not initially been painted because a car was parked there overnight.

    Mr Khan, 28, a marketing consultant, said: "I thought I was lucky to get the space but I didn't think I would get a ticket because it was a legitimate parking area.

    "I couldn't believe they painted the line underneath my vehicle.

    "Luckily I had a note on my windscreen from the guys in the nearby office which explained what had happened, otherwise I would have driven off unaware."

    He added: "I took the car to a garage and I was told the tyres were unroadworthy. I could have had a blow-out at any time."

    Design engineer Geoff Blackburn watched the incident from his office.

    Mr Blackburn said: "We saw a group of workmen and two traffic wardens surround the car for several minutes.

    "One of the workmen came back and crouched under the car to paint the yellow line, and then the traffic warden issued the ticket."

    Mr Khan said the parking ticket had since been quashed by Salford City Council.

    A council spokesman said: "This ticket was cancelled promptly as soon as the driver made us fully aware of the circumstances in which it was issued.

    "If he feels he has a further complaint to make then he will have to produce evidence so we can investigate his claims."



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    haha thats pretty ridiculous
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    Sounds like a stunt from some candid camera TV show.
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