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    Question Anyone knows what happened to ?

    I am a little concern with ? Their site seems to be plagued with tons of problems, either it is some MySQL or CGI problem and now the site gone down yet again. For the past few days, it seems to go down for really extended time.

    I have written to Ronan about it and other issues but have not heard from him for about 48 hours. Did PM him but seems like he has not been across here for a few days. He should be quite active.

    Barely that and planning for the worst, I moved my sites out of .

    I hope he is okay and that all the issues are merely coincidental.

    If anyone knows what happened or heard from him since the last 4 days, let me know.


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    At the current moment the site loads fine. Whether the downtime is intermittent or not, I am not sure.
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    Thanks, it looks intermittent to me too.

    I have not heard from Ronan for a long while and he isn't replying my emails as yet.

    Besides, I find it odd that his order page at although not functioning is not being fixed. It has been like that for days. I would suppose the first thing to do would be to get that fix or else there is no change of getting any orders.

    Seems like that page is just plague with tons of MySQL errors.

    Edwin - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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