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    MATURE Designer looking for MATURE Employer

    As the title of this post suggests, I've been in the design arena for over 5 years. I have a natural passion for communication centric design - which means I enjoy designing stuff with some purpose(be it to sell a service, or deliver a professional image).

    That is what separates me from most designers here - through the years I've really matured in understanding design not just as a creative medium but more importantly as a medium to talk with the audience that sees my design. I've fair bit of knowledge and experience with common persuasive techniques and customer-centric designing.

    As a freelancer I've serviced over 75 clients designing everything from logos, websites, interface designs to business cards and cd cover designs.

    At the moment, my situation is such that I'm attending university and naturally find my freelance scheme of serving customers unsustainable. Thus, I'm hunting to partner with an employer who can make good use of my experience as a communications designer and to me provide a stable stream of work and income.

    I know I can give 15-20hrs of work each week. These are hours I will be available via phone/chat and working strictly on our assignment.

    How much do I charge? Fun part $20-25/hr. I know I'm not the cheapest amongst the WHT designer crowd. But also I'm different than most designers here experience and perspective-wise. The way I look at it - if I can't get my 15hrs of work to fetch you enough to pay me few hundred bucks a week, we're probably not meant for each other.

    On the other hand - if you have serious design workload and need a serious designer for meaningful assignments, you will probably see $20-25 as a good bargain! So if you're genuinely interested and have a real need for a designer, shoot me your MSN and let's chat.


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    Can we some of your work please?

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    I would also be intrested in seeing some your work

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    Hi there,

    Im looking for fulltime designers, get back to me if your interested.

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