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    I have been browsing this forum for a while on and off, and what really stands out is the number of complaints. I have had my share of rip off hosts too.

    But what happens when a new host comes along, and offers great service, honest dealings etc, and meets his obligations and promises, but because he's new and people are so used to expecting the worst from a host, the common response is yeah, right I've heard it all before, or NOT for those prices etc.

    We need to think of the damage that is happening to the innocent hosts just trying to make an honest living, when continuing to bag out, these mongrels who rip everyone off and dont care.

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    The nature of the net and of this place is the ease of complaining, as that is what its prime use is for some and many others is more about patricipation and constant involvement as changes happen in the industry they operate in.

    Granted, some do go out of their way to sabotage another's efforts as has been seen from time to time, even recently with questions raised that are uncalled for or meant to create confusion. Many that aren't so green to hosting though do begin to realise that whatever you read on here, must be taken with a grain of salt and that is essentially where this all, rests.

    The perceprtion of the reader must have the maturity to disseminate the information and come to a conclusion based on their own thoughs, and if this was not the case as a whole for this place then i doubt this board would be standing here today essentially, and it's the hard work of the moderators and regular board members that enable this to be the case.

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    Satisfied clients are the most credible spokespeople.

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    I agree you cant compete with the praise of happy clients. But it's the unhappy clients that tend to speak the loadest and most.

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    * If there is one thing..

    If there is one thing I love most about being in the business of hosting is when a customer thanks and/or praises me for the services I give to them. Infact, I believe it is what keeps me going.

    I have hardly ever been able to deal with an unhappy customer, for which I am very happy. But I do find, most unhappy customers are people who have "FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING CHEAPER", so they come out and try to bag out the web host as the reason they are leaving, instead of simply telling the public they found something cheaper. People are happy to put a entire company and many families involved at risk, as to not make them out to be cheap'os.

    I do my best for people who cannot afford to pay for hosting.. I host 2 online games and dont charge them a sent as I can tell they are really good programers, but just dont have the financial backing many people do. I aint going to go boasting about who I am hosting and for free, but if you must know, email me.

    Anyways.. to put it all together, I feel that many people just look for excuses as a way out of a host instead of coming out and telling them the truth. I do not mean to say that your all full of lies, infact I believe in what many of you say as I to have experianced it, but all I ask is that people out there simply tell the truth. It could do the world a good
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    It seems the truth these days is a scarce commodity but such a powerful tool. Honesty goes a long way and is usually respected no matter how hard it is to take.

    Deceit on the other hand does nothing but destroy and create distrust. Clients will accept an honest answer of I forgot, or I made the mistake much more readily than being promised the world and given nothing.

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    Buyers, of web hosting services are the same people who buy televisions, bread and milk, etc.
    When they feel that they have made a mistake in their decision to buy any product or service they go into excuse mode.

    It is far easier to save their own credibility (in their own mind) by finding fault with either the store where they purchased the item or the manufacturer of the item. It is no different in web hosting.

    Even if there is nothing wrong with the service or product that they have purchased. Once someone else points out to that person that they could have got a better deal over at.............
    they go running back to return the item or service.

    Now they have to come up with an excuse to 'save face'. I don't pass judgement on whether this is right or wrong, it's just human nature. Why admit you made a mistake when you can blame the other guy. Simple! My cent worth.


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    I have to disagree

    here with most of the post so far. Sure there is always going to be that one guy you cannot make happy no matter what you do. But for the most part if you bend over backwards to make a customer happy you will not hear complaints in public from them.

    I also think as host we have a duty and need to hold accountable the bottom dwelling scum sucking thieves that inhabit this business. We should not turn a blind eye just because they are in the same field as us, that makes us no better than them.

    Allot of the post I see here have some validation to them, people are getting messed over. I also think it is most of the time their own fault they got screwed over. If you see a guy standing on the street corner offering to sell you a brand new color TV still in the box for $20.00 and you buy it and then get it home only to find out it is a box of rocks. Well you deserve it in my opinion.

    I once had a con man explain to me that the only reason a con worked is because they always work on a persons own greed, and the more greedy a person is the bigger the con he could pull off.

    Same with hosting the lower the price the bigger the promise IE: unlimited space and bandwidth the more people think they are getting something for nothing. Heck there is even a few hosting companies out there now offering lifetime hosting for a $30.00 one time payment. Yeah right like that hosting company will not have to buy bandwidth next month or 6 months from now. But people buy it because their own greed leads them to believe they are getting a deal.

    No I think when a host screws a client the rest of the world deserves to know about it and be warned to steer clear of them. If it is a host worth his salt he will come here explain his side, do it in a professional manner. I have seen that done here many times and every time if it was handled with a professional demeanor that host got 2 clients for everyone he lost.

    Now if you want to know what REALLY gets under my skin it is when a host has an outage for 10 minutes and every body decides to post so and so is down, 99% of them are not even hosting clients. I saw it happen to HTTPme the other day here, his was a scheduled down, his clients all knew, yet non customers decided to tell the world he was down making it look to the casual reader he was an unreliable host.

    OK off my soap box again you guys can carry on now that I have my rants done.


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    Re: I have to disagree

    Originally posted by Monte
    Now if you want to know what REALLY gets under my skin it is when a host has an outage for 10 minutes and every body decides to post so and so is down, 99% of them are not even hosting clients. I saw it happen to HTTPme the other day here, his was a scheduled down, his clients all knew, yet non customers decided to tell the world he was down making it look to the casual reader he was an unreliable host.
    I don't think posts like that do much harm. Look at how many there are for mchost, and they're still powering on full steam.

    I don't mind if folks want to keep <blatant plug > </Blatant plug > high in the forums etc. Quite alright with me. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    A lot of the #20 / year, (or life) hosts are not necessarily cons. Yes a lot are, but not all.

    I suspect a great majority are just people with little forsight. Some people buy into cheap junk. Operate the business from their parents house/their own, think its cheap, and don't consider the growth.

    THen when the business starts to grow, they give their two weeks, and in two weeks start a full-time job out of hosting.

    Tax time rolls around and theyu realize they haven't deducted anything, the feds come after them and take all their money. Then it's time for more bandwidth, but you're only getting $20 per customer/year. WHoops, not enough money, bank loan. NExt month you get 20,000 new customers, and need even more bandwidth, which you buy up with all that money, but then you're out again, you're barely feeeding yourself, and your mortage payment is long overdue. Ouch.

    My solution would be that hosters should buy into an "association" set standards that a good host should meet (response times to requests, no offering unlimited, happy customers, etc) and then provide hosts who meet the standards with a web seal. If a customer has a dispute, and is not resolved by the host, they'd report it the the association and they'd help resolve the dispute. What I'm thinking of is kind of like the BBB, only better because it would be industtry specific and better able to handle issues that are only in hosting environment.

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    A search on this board would show up a few threads where someone has rehashed the idea for an association or similar concept at one time or another, and the sticking point in most of those was the right to define and set a standard, apart from the unlimited issue.

    Think there are a couple of those groups out there but in the end, its the case of the toothless tiger.....

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    You also have to remember, that this forum makes up less than 0.75% of the hosting industry, and while my numbers used to come up with that are rough and estimates at best, if you actually sat down and figured out how many clients there are in the hosting world, and then take the number of WHT members and get the % out of the # of clients worldwide, you'd find WHT very small indeed, most people just tend to forget that and act like WHT is the only thing around soto speak (both from a customer and web host point of view).

    Ok thats my few cents worth for the day
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    Originally posted by MKelso
    A search on this board would show up a few threads where someone has rehashed the idea for an association or similar concept at one time or another
    Some examples:

    From May 2001... this one gets interesting by this page:

    From June 2001:

    From September 2001:
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