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    Question What link do you use for your "client" management area?

    We currently use a link like this:

    However, during a recent meeting where we've been discussing the upcoming major redesign of our website... it was brought to our attention that our client area now does a lot more then just billing.

    (When we started, it was only a simple link to a credit card update page and nothing else.. but functionality has grown over the years.)

    For example, in our client area they can register and manage domain names, modify hosting packages, sign up for additional hosting, order/install ssl certificates, submit support requests, link to hosting account control panel... and of course manage their billing details.

    So... what url do you think we should use for this area?

    /client-area/ (a bit wordy, imho)
    /my/ (ie: accessed like this:

    What do you think? Any thoughts?

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    I think the makes the client feel most important. It's not just another URL, it's their place to manage their account.

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