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    Stay Away From Exilehosting


    Im just posting this here to warn everyone to stay away from

    I have recently had a bad experience with this hosting company, as i was running a bit-torrent tracker, and i was running this with this company for 2 months, with them knowing about it, they said it was legal in the uk, and after about 2 weeks, my site went down for a whole week before it was restored, so i emailed support and asked them why, and they didnt reply until my site was restored, when they eventually replied theysaid that the servers was running backwards or something and wasnt connecting to any sites registered after a certain date, as it was fixed and i didnt want to find another host that allowed bit-torrent trackers i thought to myself ok, i will give them 1 more chance, everything was then running sweet for about a month and a half, then all of a sudden my site was gone again, my cpanel user and pass wasnt being accepted and i couldnt login to the support center on their site with my usual site user and pass, so i emailed the administrator of the site directly with an email address they provided in case i couldnt get in touch on the support center, for 3 days i got no reply, so i decided to email them again, again, no reply, the 3rd email i sent i received a reply from them saying they had found a .zip folder on my server containing a copy of Windows Xp Home Edition Service Pack 2, now i know this is impossible as i am the only one with access to the ftp apart from them, and they said until i removed it my site would remain closed, i explained to them that i could not access my ftp site to remove this so-called pirate copy of windows, and they then replied saying that it wasnt a zip file it was a torrent hosted on my site of windows xp home edtion service pack 2... and forwarded a so-called copy of an email they received from Microsoft saying to remove this torrent file, else they will take further action, as as it seems tobe a genuine email from Microsoft i have accepted the fact that shutting down my site was no fault of theirs, its the fault of the person who uploaded the torrent to my tracker, then because my site had very high traffic i asked them to change the nameservers on my domain for me so i could point it to my new forums i was about to happen, and they replied saying that i wasnt allowed my domain back although it still has 9 months of registration left, and that the domain would remain registered until the end of the reigtration period next year, and to top it all off when i replied again a few weeks ago asking for a backup of my site so i could find out if all the Microsoft bulls**t was true they told me to "stop harrassing them" and banned my ip address from their servers

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    Wow, that is one long sentence.
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    btw, how did you get permission from WHT to copy the forums?
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    Personally I think they were right in closing your account if you were distributing pirated material via your tracker. I do not agree however with them holding your domain for ransom, they should at least sell the domain back to you at the normal cost especially if they are no longer wanting to provide you with hosting.

    Did they purchase the domain for you as part of the hosting plan? If not, if you are listed as the domain owner which legally you should be even if the host registered the domain for you then you should have no problem recovering the domain.

    Best of luck.. Just a heads up, before you move to your new provider should you find one, ensure that no one uploads illegal material; it will save you any further hassle.
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