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    Lightbulb Windows VPS Host

    Hello All,

    I need a Windows VPS Hosting with following specs:

    at least 20 GB space.
    HELM or plesk control panel (i want to integrate modern bill )
    ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 support
    MSSQL Server 2000 or 2005 at least 100 accounts.
    ability to host resellers
    386 MB guranteed RAM at least (512 MB would be fine though)
    Burstable to 1 GB (may be)

    My Monthly budgest is 70 to 80 Dollars.

    Any body can suggest me any good Windows VPS solution in this range.


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    You can try PowerVPS

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    No MS SQL Server and space is less

    Thanks for the reply. But i am sorry to say that they are not offering ms sql server 2000 as well as the space is too less.

    any other recomendations please?

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    There is no such thing as burstable RAM on Windows.
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    By burstable memory he's thinking about Virtuozzo VPSs as opposed to VMware or MSVS, Xen, etc. Virtuozzo will allow you to actually use more memory than your gauranteed amount provided it's available on the box. In Linux Virtuozzo you can limit the amount of 'burstable' memory however in Windows there's no settable limit other than the gauranteed limit (atleast that I've found). Since it's really OS virtualization and not hardware virtualization (like VMware and MSVS) you're able to 'burst'.

    With 20GB of diskspace you're going to be best served going with a dedicated server simpsols. Now if you want to maintain the VPS style functions then you can get what's referred to as a dynamic dedicated server which is nothing more than a dedicated server with a single virtual engine Virtuozzo license on it. You'll have 100% system resources for your VE. The downside to this is the modest overhead virtuozzo will incur as a result. You'll also have other limitations and new administration issues but that's a whole different beast.

    Also, Helm has it's own integrated billing system you can use, no need to license modernbill there as it's not bidirectional at this time. However, modernbill is superior to Helm's integrated billing.

    100 SQL database accounts is also going to take alot. I can't think of any professional hosting companies that are going to include 100 SQL databases of unknown size or resource usage. You may find someone hosting servers out of their basement that's hungry to get their own bills paid to do this for you, but you're going to end up paying for it in the long run. If you're looking to just get started offering SQL, load SQL2005 workgroup edition on either the same server or a seperate server (if the same server expect you'll need to migrate it to a dedicated server of it's own before long and hopefully you have the ability to do such).

    You may be better off just finding a host who will let you resell reseller accounts.

    Oh and your budget is a pipe dream. It's not going to happen on that! Closest I've seen with anything close to your requirements from a reputable host has been atleast 2X that. But hey I don't know it all so maybe there is some guy out there for you.

    If you can't do a dedicated server then here's my suggestion:

    2 VPS's on virtuozzo, one for web, one for sql. If you're going to use HELM you should be able to get it to manage both VPSes from one control panel interface. Start small with 20 or so domains and grow it from there. Sure you're not going to see a profit right away but you'll get started. Instead of selling your clients reseller accounts, sell them on VPSs. Then move to a dedicated server with your VPS host running virtuozzo and have them migrate your 'sold' VPSes to your dedicated server (make sure they'll be willing to do this before you start selling VPS accounts). One thing though, I haven't found a host offering SQL workgroup for less than $75/month so expect to pay $150-$75 a month per cpu for that. You may be better off starting out with SQLexpress and again growing into workgroup.

    Oh and dump SQL2000, at the end of this year the pricing goes up to match SQL2005 so there's no savings there. Your databases will migrate no problem.
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