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    Need PHP Programmer for Job


    I am looking for an experienced PHP programmer to code a moderately simple job that I need done, since I just don't have the time. I'm not going to give away too much information in this post, but there are two essential parts to the site. For the purposes of this post, think of this as simply a proxy:

    An Advertising Auction System - Advertisers bid on adspace in a certain category (each site is put into categories by the users and/or crawler-see below). These auctions would run for 1000, 2000, 3000 views of the ad, etc. There would be a 5 spot rotation on the proxy where 5 auction winners would be displayed until their views expire, at which point a new auction would be put up automatically. It sounds complicated but it's pretty simple.

    A Keywords Crawler and Site Categoriser - This is the hard part, and if it costs too much, I may just throw this part of the idea out. Aside from users categorising sites by hand, I am going to want to have sites categorised so I can show relevant ads. There will be certain categories, and each one will have keywords that set it off. The proxy site, every time it comes across a domain/page it doesn't have indexed, will look at the keywords and try to categorise it. However, I would like to prepopulate the database and have it constantly being filled with a crawler (just use some open source one, don't build your own.)

    So essentially it's very simple...I just made it seem complicated. Put sites into categories then let advertisers bid on them.

    There is, however, an essential piece of the puzzle missing which I will inform you of once you have the job.

    What I am looking for is a rough quote. Contact me with this and any questions you may have regarding the project.

    Email: milesrichardson / gmail / com
    AIM: mjrpbplayer
    MSN: mjrpbplayer / msn / com
    YIM: bloodstainsword
    Phone: Will be supplied upon completion of negotiations

    Please just shoot me an IM or an email telling me who you are and we can talk.

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    I have added you on MSN. Talk to you soon.

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