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    My server wont work

    My server wont work, FTP wont work at all and "Interchange" is up and down aswell as other services failing like cpsrvd

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    Without seeing the logs, there's really not much anyone can do.
    If you've just restarted the server, you may have to manually restart ftp, if you're using pure-ftp. Do this from inside WHM, in the restart services section.

    Have you tried using just the ip to connect to various functions? Does it work? If so, you may need to restart named as well on the server.

    Other than that, there's really not much anyone can do. The topic title itself (my server won't work) is quite vague and misleading, as your server does work somehow, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to pull out those screenshots

    More details will help us to help you Remember though, that ultimately, you will need to get an admin to help you with this

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