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    Wondering if this is possible....

    I am not new to hosting, as i have had reseller accounts, but figured it was time for me to move up to a VPS so that i can learn how to do things myself (the companies i am going to go with will help me if i can't do something, so i can learn as i go) now for the question... (both accounts will have root access)

    Windows= Standard 2003 (plesk)

    Linux= Ubuntu Server 6.06 (vhcs)

    I will be purchasing a VPS running plesk on windows.... and a vps running linux with VHCS... they are at two different locations and two different providers.... i was wondering if there was a way to use the same dns servers for both of them (or point the linux one at the windows one so that when i enter a domain if it is not found in the windows one it will send the request to the linux one)
    so that when i do subdomain hosting i can give either linux or windows

    sorry if this sounds stupid, but i have not really played much with dns, just basic networking....

    thank you in advance....

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    Hello Spiritedone,

    Yes, you should be able to use the same nameservers to serve websites hosted on 2 different servers. When you create a new website, either on your Windows or Linux VPS, you will just have to create a zone file with the correct IP for this domain on your nameserver.

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    i would have to have step by steps on how to do that (as i said new to the whole unmanaged thing lol) but resources on how to do it would be great....also would it work with shared ip addresses?

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    Hmm it's kind of difficult to give you no-brainer instructions without knowing your exact configuration, but with your help I can help you setting the nameserver and apache's configuration on your linux server. I personnaly don't use apache on windows but you can maybe use this information to figure out how to do it. I need you to answer some questions:

    On the nameserver:
    -is it a linux box?
    -do you have root acces?
    -which version of bind are you running? (you can check it with 'named -v')

    On the linux server:
    -which version of apache are you running?

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