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Thread: PHPFOX coupon

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    PHPFOX coupon


    Few days ago, there was a special promotional offer from phpfox wher they sold PHPFOX for $148 onlye (instead of $300.)

    They used a promo code though. But I dont remember the code.

    Is there any1 who can get me the promo code.

    I hav got phpfox1.1 but its nt licensed. So I want to buy it from them.

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    I recommend you purchase it right away or remove your site running it. It is illegal to run a warez copy.

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    I am not running ay site with phpfox. I just have the script.

    I know its illegal tahts why I want to buy it from them. and I thought if I could manage a coupon code, then i would hav been able to get a discount too.
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