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    AD Spot on Wrestling/ Entertainment Forum; ~400k page views

    AD Spot on Wrestling/ Entertainment Forum; ~400k page views

    Category: Sports and Recreation (Wrestling)
    Website Type: Community Forum
    Website Age: ~5 months
    Members: 1341+
    Threads: 2,327+
    Posts: 31,529+

    - Above stats as on - Sunday, October 08, 2006 - 12:17 PM GMT.
    - Visit the website for latest stats.

    Current Month Traffic Details:
    So, approximate traffic stats for the month of September:
    Unique visitors: 18348
    Number of visits: 27495 (1.49 visits/visitor)
    Page Views: 394173 (14.33 pages/visit)
    Hits: 2216661 (80.62 hits/visit)
    Bandwidth: 6.85 GB (261.28 KB/visit)

    - All figures in exact figures as generated by AWStats/ cPanel.
    - The stats does not include bot hits, all pure human hits (as per the stat script).

    Stats Screenshot:

    Countries (Top 25):
    USA/ Canada: 80%+

    Traffic Source:
    - Members from my previous forums and websites.
    - Forum signatures and forums posted ads.
    - Search engine searches.
    - Some topsites and directories.
    - Use of AdWords for 2 months.
    - Word of mouth.

    Reasons to advertise with us:
    - Good page views
    - Great focus at low rates

    - $7 only per month for banner placement on the 1st fold on rotation basis.
    - $4 only per month for banner placement on the footer on rotation basis.
    - $4 only per month for banner placement on the admin posts signature.

    Book your spot for 4 months in advance (which maynot be cancelled) and get:
    - premium quality templates with resale rights, as featured in:
    - Allow upto 15 days to provide you the download links.
    - My usual sale price for above - $15, means you get advertised for 4 months at the price of 2 months.
    - Two month extra advertising, totalling to - 6 months.

    Extra Points and bonuses:
    - Unlimited views and hits.
    - Inclusion of your website name on the admin signature (first 3 sponsors only).
    - Inclusion of your name on all the newsletters (if any) to all the members during the term period.
    - Max. Banner size - 735 x 125 pixels (with 3 image variations/ 1 flash animation allowed)
    - Advertising prices may rise in future so, book your position at this cheap rate now!
    - We can negotitiate prices in case a good booking term.
    - Lifetime inclusion on our sponsors thread.
    - Indexed by search bots oftenly so, good chance to build up your links and raise your PR.
    - The forum ownershiping won't be transferred for atleast a year so, be assured about the quality.
    - We can run your run advertisements of other ad networks with your ID/ code.
    - Runs on vBulletin (the best forum script) with great template and forum presentation.
    - Only paypal payments accepted.
    - If you need more proofs and have any queries reply here or PM Me or Email me at -

    - No gurantee that people would click the ads.
    - Any subject website ads accepted, and in case of adult content only softcore adult sites ads accepted.
    - Once made payment, the advertising maynot be cancelled afterwards, though you can update urls.
    - Look at all the points carefully and if have any doubts ask now itself, than complain later.

    So, to bag this deal you can - reply here itself or pm me or email me at -
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