Hey guys, I have decided that I am going to set up a webserver soon. I don't plan on buying cPanel or any major software licenses YET, because I don't want to actually put the server to use until my company grows a bit more.

However, I wan't to buy a rackserver ... Setup a Linux OS like FC4, and start installing and configuring basic stuff like PHP / MySQL / Sendmail / Bind9 / and Apache.

Now I think I will be at a disadvantage, because I won't have this in a DC for awhile ... henceforth I won't have any IP's. I am on a campus connection, and they say no servers ... but If I could somehow get this thing online, it would only be for short periods of time. (Testing purposes, and whatnot.)

I need some advice with good rackserver hardware. Processors / memory / brands. I am going to buy one initial rackserver, set it up to the best of my ability, then try and get it online. When I decide to go colo, I will buy enough servers to fill a half-rack, and install them just like my first. Except by then, I will have the other stuff like cPanel and whatnot.

I could also use a few links to tutorials, and maybe some Linux OS suggestions.

Finally, maybe some other advice, common need-to-knows, and other words of wisdom? I am very interested and will do as much reading as necessary, and invest enough time (and more) to ensure that this goes right.

Thanks in advance!