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Thread: Buying fiber?

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    Buying fiber?

    Where would I go about buying fiber? I'm exploring the possibility of making a data center and would need some generic dark fiber for misc. stuff. Where could I get it, and in what quantities? I wont need 20 miles of fiber hehe. Although if my plans go through I would need a few miles total. Can anyone help? Keep in mind this post is just for research, Im only in the planning stages now and I'm trying to account for all expenses/setup stuff before I go further in the planning process. Thanks.


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    What do you plan on doing with the fiber? Unless you are close to a MAE/NAP dark fiber won't do you a lot of good. And most people don't start out running dark fiber to a new data center -- lit fiber makes more sense.

    However, if you are sure this is the best plan, you can contact Williams Communications (, MFN (, or OSP Consultants ( to get started.

    They can give you some numbers to work with, cost and the involved process are going to vary from area to area. As far as quantities you can get as much as you want depending on how much money you have.

    Of course, if you have that much money burning a hole in your poscket, you can transfer some to me . It will last longer than it will opening a data center in this manner.

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