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    Need Someone To Make Our CP NS Compatible


    We need someone to recode our control panel (cPanel based) so that it is Netscape compliant. At this time, it is IE compatible, but not NS.

    Here is our control panel;

    Username: demo
    Password : veoweb

    http://demo:[email protected]/cpanel/

    We do NOT want to loose any of the funtionality or design that is there. However, we do want it to so that NS users can view and use our control panel.

    The payment will be $100.00

    If you are interested in the job, please email me at bens @ (Remove the spaces when emailing.)
    Benjamin S.
    VeoWeb Premium Hosting

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    Do you mean in older versions of NS?

    Because it looks fine with v6.3

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    it looks fine in netscape....

    but I will still take your $100 to make it complient [lol]
    Brian Larter

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    I've sent you a message



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    looks fine in Netscape Communicator 4.79

    What version do u mean?

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