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    Superbservers lie.

    Superbservers lie!

    From their site

    1) 100% network uptime.
    But 100% is impossible! Recenly they had power outage.
    They can say that CORE router was fine, but who cares if half of DC was down?

    2) Whey DO NOT HAVE
    "highly experienced Systems & Network Administrators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year."
    I have submited ticked about their network issue 30hours ago. They still can't resolve it.

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    Well, they may have failed to meet up to their own expectations but it's unfair to call it a lie I think..

    If you are unhappy, try asking them for compensation.

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    Superservers is a good company for what I know. Some companies separate their power and network uptime SLA, so technically if they have power issue but their network or part of their network/core router is still up then their network would still be 100% although power can directly affect your server. I am sure that they can work with you.
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    Give them the benefit of doubt..power issues can be tricky..give them time to resolve it and then talk with them about compensation.
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    It was first downtime I had seen at superbservers in past 12 months. So I do give them benefit of doubt.
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    100% network uptime is a lie no matter what. ITs impossible to have 100%. 99.9% is the best you can do.

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    Respectfully, you are confused. Read their SLA and see how they calculate downtime. Scheduled downtime is normally not counted as downtime and 99.9 is NOT the best you can do. Telco's routinely measure uptime and try to acheive "5 nines" 99.999 uptime. Circuits go down all the time areas and nodes go offline but if the class 5 switch doesn't go down unexpectedly then they are still ok for uptime.

    It is almost impossible to measure it to the individual server level if you are DC as there are too many variables. Customer reboots the server or initiates a power off via the remote power box and then what? DC's will pretty much always only SLA to what they can control. The core router(s) is a good place to start.
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