:::::::::::: CPANEL XP EVOLUTION ::::::::::::

Introducing: An Amazing new cPanel Addon that hands you and your resellers 21 languages, Flash tutorials integration, Custom links & tooltips, Billing integration, and other POWERFUL features on a Silver Platter !!!

With Cpanel XP you will own the World's Most Multilingual control panel.
Don't limit your client base to only English speaking customers. With our Multilingual cpanel skin, you can acquire customers from various different countries. Imagine having additional customers from Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Indonesia, Malaysia, France and Russia, etc...
Our customers has already reported the increase in signups from non-English speaking countries! You can do the same!

Current Language List :
1. Arabic
2. Brazillian Portuguese
3. Chinese (Traditional)
4. Croatian
5. Dutch
6. English
7. French
8. German
9. Greek
10. Indonesian
11. Italian
12. Japanese(EUC)
13. Japanese(SHIFT)
14. Korean
15. Norwegian
16. Polish
17. Portuguese
18. Romanian
19. Russian
20. Spanish ( España )
21. Spanish ( Latin America )
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With the Tutorial module, your users will be able to find the flash tutorials they want with ease. Have you ever wondered why you spend money on fancy tutorials but still get support tickets from your users. It is because the majority don’t take the time to look for them on your website. With this mod the tutorials will be right there when the users need them. (e.g “How to add a POP Mail account” will magically appear in the POP account section in CPanel XP Evolution). Imagine how many support tickets you can eliminate every month with this feature. Your support staff should be focusing on more important tasks and you should be focusing on building your business instead of answering basic HOW-TOs type of questions.
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Flash Tutorials Integration in CpanelAPP
It is now easier than ever to add your tutorials to CPanel XP Evolution. You are in control when it comes to the name the location and how the tutorial plays. Don’t waste your time trying to include them on your website in some sub folder. Put them right where your users will be able to see and use them!
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StartupTips - Help new customers by providing them with critical information about your company !
Startup-Tips have been around for a long time in the desktop application world .
Here is how it looks like in your usual desktop aplications. They are excellent tools to help you cut down support tickets as customers are known to ask the most number of questions when they first start out. You can use this to let your customers know that you have an affiliate program that they can join, or let them know your official support hours.
If they do not wish to see these tips then they simply choose to have them disabled.
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Adding Startup-Tips in CpanelAPP
Adding your startup tips to your control panel is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Simply add the tip, drag them to the order you wish, and click save. Your users will then start seeing the Tips you have set.
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