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Thread: Godaddy Sucks

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    Godaddy Sucks

    I am sure that there are lots of you out there with the same sentiments...
    The support has drived me nuts ...there is no concern for the Customer...
    All that we want is 2 clean servers and we have been going around for 3 weeks with our problem being un-resolved....

    GOdaddy - rather be it GObackdaddy...

    Since i was in support at some point of my carrier i know what the limitations are ...but these guys are simply awful and crazy


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    What exactly was the issue you were having with them?

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    The thing about support from companies such as Godaddy and Paypal - is that their support is geared towards complete beginners. All they want to do is copy paste you URLs to their own documentation.

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    Ours is a long story...Hope some body from Godaddy support...some body who cares reads this...

    They keep installing images even after requesting to re-install the Windows O/S with media... their images create the Same SIDs and hence when we want to add 1 server to the Domain running on the 2nd server, it does not allow to log into domain,unless we change the SID... Our application installation fails - the only thing what we are diing new is creating a new SID using sysinternals...

    Microsoft support is asking us to give them 2 servers with just the O/S + Service pack installed...each time you request Go-daddy to re-provision, they simply install the damn image again and we are back to SQuare 1....

    Their 1st Level support dont know whom to ask when we ask a different Q...


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    Lots of hosts work with images. Probably all hosts that work on a big scale actually.
    If you want a custom setup, for which a tech needs to manually install windows for a couple of hours, it will probably cost you $$$. Plus GoDaddy is probably not the best place for such a custom job.

    I'd try one of the bigger hosts, like ThePlanet, SoftLayer or EV1.

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